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Open Photo Booth

It’s a modern twist on the traditional photo booth that provides a fun and interactive experience for guests at events such as weddings, parties, and corporate events!

Unlike traditional photo booths that are enclosed and often require guests to squeeze into a small space to take photos, open photo booths allow for a more spacious and inclusive experience for everyone at your party!

Our open-style photo booth with LED wall - #1 Photo Booth in Sussex!

Enclosed Photo Booth

Our enclosed inflatable photo booth offers a level of privacy that you don’t get with our open-style booth.

It’s perfect for those who are self-conscious about having their photo taken in public or for those who want a more intimate experience with their friends and loved ones.

The enclosed inflatable photo booth is large and can fit up to eight people inside which means that it’s still a fantastic choice for group shots at any kind of party!

Our enclosed inflatable photo booth with a selection of props - #1 Photo Booth in Sussex!

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Premium Photo Booth Props

When we say premium props, we mean it! We’re always on the lookout for cool props, no matter the cost!

Each event comes with a massive box of props that are guaranteed to make your photo’s fun!

We sanitise the props after every event so they’re squeaky clean and ready for the next party!

Our huge selection of props featuring hats, glasses, signs and more!

Customised Prints

When you book your photo booth with us, we include a fully customised print template featuring your names, company name, in fact anything you like!

We can use existing artwork, colours, logos and fonts to match your theme or come up with a design that is totally unique to you!

You don’t have to wait for the prints either, our professional printer pushes them out seconds after the pictures were taken!

A pile of customised photo booth prints in many different styles

Photo Booth Guestbook

A guest book is an essential item at a wedding or birthday party.

It’s an interactive way of allowing your guests to leave a customised message alongside the photos!

It also encourages your friends and family to get creative and have fun in the photo booth leaving you with keepsake that you will look at for years to come!

A photo booth guestbook containing pictures with messages left by guests

Photo Sharing

Send the pictures to your phone, direct from the photo booth!

It’s a convenient way of guests sharing pictures without having to wait for them to uploaded to the gallery.

Once the pictures have been taken, all you need to do is pop in your number and a few seconds later, they’re on your phone!  Simple!

Share your pictures directly from our photo bo

Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions. Here are the ones that are asked the most! If you have a question of your own, hit the button below and we'll do our best to help!

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It’s very simple. You step up, grab some props, choose from colour or black and white photos and smile! Once the pictures have been taken they are printed out moments later on our high-speed photo printer.

Once we have the equipment inside the venue, it takes around 45 minutes for us to put it all together and be ready to go.

The ideal amount of space needed for both our open and enclosed booths is 5m x 4m (16ft x 13ft). It seems like a lot but this will allow space for the booth, props, guest book table and space for people to move around.

  • The inflatable wall is 3m (10ft) wide x 2.4m (8ft) tall.
  • The flowers/wooden background is 2.4m (8ft) wide x 2.1m (7ft) tall.
  • The enclosed booth is 3m (10ft) wide x 2.4m (8ft) deep/tall.

We have a guide available that you can send to your venue.  Just get in touch and we can email it to you.

The inflatables are made out of a strong cloth material so it’s unlikely, plus it would need to be a massive tear before it deflates but if it did, we have a puncture repair kit just in case.

To keep costs competitive we don’t include a memory stick.

Don’t worry though as you don’t have to wait for the pictures.  You will be able to view and download them from your password-protected gallery the day after the party.

If you do want a memory stick then you can either bring your own or we can supply one for an additional cost.

Option 1 includes one printed copy.

Options 2 & 3, our most popular packages include two printed copies, one for the people in the picture and another for your photo booth guest book.

We do have an add-on so that everyone in the picture gets a printed copy.  Just let us know when you get in touch and we’ll give you the details.

Sure, not a problem at all!

At the end of the hire, we’ll gather them up and give them back to you or leave them somewhere safe.

Absolutely. Extra hours are always available at £100.00 per hour.

Splitting up the hire period is great if you want the booth open between 4 pm and 6 pm and again between 8 pm and 10 pm.

In this example, you would need 2 hours of idle time to cover the gap between 6 pm and 8 pm. Idle time is charged at £40.00 per hour.

Yes…kind of!

As our wall and inflatable cube are inflatables, if it’s windy, that’s going to be a problem for us.  If there’s one available, we can point our photo booth pod at a brick wall or some other background instead.

The only other thing to think about is the chance of rain.  We would need to be 100% sure it wasn’t going to chuck it down!

And finally, we need a flat, level surface.  Unfortunately, we can’t set up our equipment on bare grass.

Yes as it’s a requirement of our insurance.

It also covers you if there are any technical issues or if we need to change the paper and ink in the printer.

Yes, we do!

Our insurance covers you for up to £10m in the highly unlikely event that you or one of your guests is injured using the booth.

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Here are the most popular photo booth packages that I get asked about and are based on parties at any venue in Sussex or Kent. For locations a bit further away there could be a small increase in price.

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